Dragon Coloring Pages

Everyone loves dragons. Dragons are cute, dragons are fierce, so they can be anything you want them to be, exactly how you'd like to see them. On top of this, coloring offer great fun for almost any age groups, while developing skills like hand strength and fine motor skills, too. On this page, we embrace this diversity too.

Let's add the PlayWise twist that goes beyond coloring! This page helps you to create

  • a fun gaming activity for your kids or students

  • your own coloring page with AI - have you ever thought of printing and coloring your child's dream last night?

Dragons for different age groups

We've found that not only the little ones but also school-aged children really enjoy coloring. So, we made coloring pages for both preschoolers and schoolchildren.

For preschoolers

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Get More Game Rules

For elementary school students

A 2 player game with a coloring page: Flame Duel


  1. Print out the game by clicking "Print this rule" below

  2. Decide whose fire belongs to whom: you are dragons, fighting against each other, the goal is to make your fire stronger.

  3. Agree on how many units (how many flames make up the fire). It's important that both players can color an equal amount of area. (We think 18 is a good number).

  4. You will need a pencil that has one side blue and the other side red. If you don't have one, then one red and one blue pencil will do.

How to play:

  1. Choose who will start the game. For example, the person whose face tends to turn redder during arguments can start.

  2. Place the pencil between the two fires and spin it. (Not just a lazy spin, if possible, let it go around several times).

  3. Try to roll the dice so it lands on a part you haven't colored yet.

  4. You need to check towards whose side of the field the red side of the pencil is pointing (if using a single-color pencil, then check where the tip points). That player can color one flame red on their opponent's side. Or take a risk!

  5. If you spun red, you can spin again (if blue, then no, you color blue, and your opponent colors red). But! If the second spin fails, then you must color two blues, and your opponent can color two reds.

    How to win

    The winner is the one whose fire becomes stronger. So, the one who has more red flames than their opponent.

From the internet

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Draw your own with AI tools!

These dragon coloring pages above were created by Dall-E, an AI image generator. Did you know you also can do this? For the school-going dragon, for example, we asked it to do:

"I would like to request a dragon-themed coloring page from you, which my daughter and I can print out and color together. My daughter is 7 years old and has just started elementary school this year. The picture should feature a cute dragon on its way to dragon school. There can be one or two trees around it, a forest path, but the dragon should be the focal point. It's important that this is a printable coloring page, so only the outlines are needed, as is customary with coloring pages. Thank you!"

It's important to phrase the requests precisely. We emphasized that these would be coloring pages, so we asked for no colors, just outlines in black and white, in a printable format. Occasionally, we had to ask for a redraw, but overall, we are happy with the results. We hope you are too! Feel free to use these or generate your own coloring pages. We recommend our game rule ideas for any coloring page!

Oh, and where is Dall-E exactly? It's available in ChatGPT which you can sign up for here.

Coloring pages from PlayWise

We plan to create our own coloring pages with some of our favorite artists. Which of the following themes do you look for most when it comes to coloring pages?


"girly" themes






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