Rainbow Coloring Pages

Rainbows spark creativity and invite children to be playful with colors. Much like the magic of a rainbow, each page can be as vivid and unique as the imagination of every young artist. Coloring offers fun for all ages and helps improve hand strength and fine motor skills. On this page, we celebrate this colorful diversity, and go beyond that with a game!

Let's add the PlayWise twist that goes beyond coloring! This page helps you to create

  • a fun gaming activity for your kids or students

  • your own coloring page with AI - have you ever thought of printing and coloring your child's dream last night?

Rainbow coloring pages for everyone

Rainbow Basics

Start your coloring journey with our Rainbow Basics. These pages feature simple, clear rainbows designed to help young children develop their color recognition and motor skills. The straightforward designs are ideal for beginners, providing a fun way to practice hand-eye coordination.

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Rainbow Landscapes

Our Rainbow Landscapes category offers scenes that blend natural beauty with the wonder of rainbows. Coloring these pages helps children learn about the environment while practicing spatial awareness and planning as they decide how to apply colors to various natural elements.

Animals & Rainbows

Animals and rainbows come together in this delightful category. Children can engage their curiosity about wildlife while enhancing their artistic skills. Each page features animals in their habitats, accented by rainbows, providing a fun context for learning about nature and creativity.

Rainbow Mandalas

The Rainbow Mandalas are designed to introduce children to patterns and symmetry through intricate designs. Coloring these pages can be a meditative activity that promotes concentration and fine motor skills, as children carefully fill in the detailed patterns.

Weather & Rainbows

These Weather & Rainbows pages combine elements of weather with the beauty of rainbows, teaching children about natural phenomena in a creative context. These coloring activities support understanding of the natural world, encouraging questions and exploration about weather patterns and how rainbows form.

3 dice, 7 colors - How much are you willing to risk?


  1. Choose a rainbow from the page and print a copy for everyone. If different rainbows appeal to you, just make sure that there are the same number of bands in each player's image.

  2. You will need at least one die, but three would be ideal. You'll also need colored pencils or markers.

  3. If you want to be authentic, use these seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, and violet.

How to play:

  1. The next player rolls, first with one die, then decides whether to roll with the second and then the third die. (If using only one die, re-rolls are counted.)Place the pencil between the two fires and spin it. (Not just a lazy spin, if possible, let it go around several times).

  2. If the total value of a player's rolls exceeds seven, they cannot color during that round.

  3. A player can stop rolling at any time. If they rolled with one die, they can color one band; if with two dice, two bands; if with three dice, three bands.

  4. So, if someone rolls a six at first, it's wise to stop there, as even rolling a two on the second attempt would be unfavorable. However, if you roll a one and then a two, you still have a good chance with a third die, since even a four would work, keeping the total of the dice at seven. Happy coloring!

    How to win

    The winner is the first person to completely color in their rainbow.

From the internet

Unique and lesser-known online resources that offer creative coloring activities, educational content, and distinctive coloring pages:

This site provides detailed coloring pages designed by artist Thaneeya McArdle. It's a great resource for both beginners and advanced colorists looking for complex patterns and advice on coloring techniques.

Hello Kids offers not only a variety of coloring pages but also interactive options where children can color online. It also includes drawing lessons, games, and craft activities.

Created by artist Jennifer Stay, this site offers free coloring pages, as well as premium options. It also features tutorials and tools on how adults can enjoy coloring as a way to reduce stress.

Activity Village provides unique coloring sheets, which are especially great for educational purposes. The site also offers various crafts, puzzles, and activities, focusing on learning and family fun.

Draw your own with AI tools!

These rainbow coloring pages above were created by Dall-E, an AI image generator. Did you know you also can do this? For example for the simple rainbows in the "rainbow basics" category we entered the following request:

"A simple and bold outline of a large, arching rainbow with wide bands of space for coloring, set against a clear sky. Include fluffy clouds at both ends of the rainbow. The style should be clear and simple, suitable for young children."

It's important to phrase the requests precisely. Worth emphasizing that these would be coloring pages, so we asked for no colors, just outlines in black and white, in a printable format. Occasionally, we had to ask for a redraw, but overall, we are happy with the results. We hope you are too! Feel free to use these or generate your own coloring pages.

Oh, and where is Dall-E exactly? It's available in ChatGPT which you can sign up for here.

Coloring pages from PlayWise

We plan to create our own coloring pages with some of our favorite artists. Which of the following themes do you look for most when it comes to coloring pages?


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