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First of all, look out the window and think about whether it might actually be better to go out and play soccer. Coloring football coloring pages is great fun, but playing soccer is the real deal. However, if the weather is bad, the team isn't available, or the ball is deflated, then print some coloring pages from here and get coloring. As you have come to expect on our site, the PlayWise twist is not missing here either; we also recommend a game we invented for these coloring pages.

This page helps you to create

  • a fun gaming activity for your kids or students

  • your own coloring page with AI - have you ever thought of printing and coloring your child's dream last night?

  • such an entertaining activity that also fosters development: fine motor skills, creativity, concentration, and reduces stress.

The Ball

Soccer is very popular around the world because it requires very few pieces of equipment and can be played almost anywhere. However, having a ball doesn't hurt. And as children, what else would we want more than a uniquely colored ball? Or do we still long for that as adults?

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The Shoe

Every kid's big dream is to get a real pair of soccer cleats. That's super cool. Especially if you can choose the color yourself.

The Goal

The ball is important, the shoes are important, but the most important thing is the goal!

Fun fact: the third coloring is created based off of a real photo Dan has made of his son during one of his football training sessions, shooting a penalty. See below some of our first hand tips on how you can use the latest and coolest AI to spice up your own coloring activities!

The Poster

What should we do if we don't have a poster of our favorite soccer player? Print and color one. Artificial intelligence can help with that too. Since the creators of the site are Hungarian, we've chosen the currently most famous Hungarian soccer player as an example, in the jerseys of his old and new team. He is Dominik Szoboszlai.

The Most Beautiful Goal - The Game


  1. Search for one more throwing cube than the number of players you have.

  2. Print out the following coloring page, make sure there's one for everyone.

  3. Prepare colored pencils and markers. There are no restrictions on which colors you can use.

  4. Agree on the goal: how many white hexagons need to be colored? We suggest that you only consider the entire hexagons. Thus, we say that coloring 25 hexagons is the goal.

How to play:

  1. In each round, someone else rolls the dice, all at once.

  2. Once all the dice have stopped rolling, a quick competition can begin. (You can throw the dice into a box lid to prevent them from rolling away too much.) Everyone takes one die. The goal is to capture the highest value possible.

  3. Coloring can begin. You can color as many hexagons as the number on the die you took. The first person to finish coloring can take the remaining die and color additional hexagons corresponding to its value.

  4. Have a great game!

    How to win

    The winner will be the one who colors in their five balls first.

Draw your own with AI tools!

These soccer-themed coloring pages were created by Dall-E, an artificial intelligence image generator. Did you know it could do that too? For example, in the case of the famous Hungarian soccer player, we asked for:

"I would like a coloring page. Do you know Dominik Szoboszlai? He is currently the most famous Hungarian football player. I would like him to be featured on the coloring page, smiling, slightly caricatured. Nothing else is needed in the picture, just him and a ball. Since this will be a coloring page, it should be black and white, no colors are needed, just the outlines."

And not only that. As we mentioned, at one of the coloring pages we used a photo of Dan's son (shooting a ball on a practice session) as a starter. Here's what we did: we uploaded the photo to ChatGPT and gave it the following simple instruction:

"create a coloring page out of this image"

It's important to phrase the requests precisely. We emphasized that these would be coloring pages, so we asked for no colors, just outlines in black and white, in a printable format. Occasionally, we had to ask for a redraw, but overall, we are happy with the results. We hope you are too! Feel free to use these or generate your own coloring pages. We recommend our game rule ideas for any coloring page!

Oh, and where is Dall-E exactly? It's available in ChatGPT which you can sign up for here.

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